Protein Research Center of Shahid Beheshti University, G.C. is one of the premier biotechnology institutes of Iran. The center leads research on a wide range of topics including recombinant protein production, protein engineering, nanobiotechnology, micro/nanofluidics studies, molecular biology, pilot plant fermentation, industrial microbial biotechnology, tissue engineering, bioinformatics, and biochemical engineering. In addition, Protein Research Center annually offers two advanced degree programs on M.Sc. level at Shahid Beheshti University, namely nanobiotechnology and biochemistry.

The modern and well-equipped laboratories and research facilities of the center are located majorly in two buildings on Shahid Beheshti University central campus in Velenjak, Tehran. Enormous industrial, research and educational achievements were obtained by this center, leading to high financial outcomes. Furthermore, the center continues to foster collaborations among bioengineering departments, biotechnology centers and companies worldwide to establish researcher, education and industrial collaborations, making it capable of promoting production of new and high consuming biotechnological products.

Protein Research Center, in conjunction with Shahid Beheshti University administration, has made significant commitments to develop a premier research and education center of biotechnology.